Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crafts to Try Before Jack Gets Here

These are just some quick ideas I would like to try before little Jack gets here.

I LOVE these embellished onesies, and think they would be fairly easy. I just need to use a sewing machine to do them. I can't remember exactly where I got them- but am pretty sure the images come from

I want some of these nice bean or rice bags for the cramps and incision pain that accompany a C-Section. They are so simple- but again- I need a sewing machine to borrow. This image comes from
I love the flannel blocks in the corner. So cute! So soft. So simple and sweet. I think I will just have to get some fabric and take over my mom's house for a weekend at some point. This is from
This will probably never get done. I have always wanted to make one though, and it just seems so simple. Time consuming- but simple. Just four pretty fabrics cut in squares and serged together with a soft backing. Surely I could handle that. . . This is from

Friday, January 29, 2010

Wood Blocks

We have a bunch of wood in our garage right now. It is just sitting there waiting for me to figure out how to utilize it. Ross has handy dandy power tools that I know he is anxious to put to use. I thought these would be some fun ways to use that wood.

These picture blocks would probably go in my kitchen window and maybe be good gifts for Grandmas. I LOVE this idea. I would make the nuber blocks, and some letter blocks as well. I just need to find some papers that match up well. That would really be the hardest part of this whole project for me. I am pathetic. . .
Both of these ideas came from

Cute and Easy Banner

I want to try and do this with my girls sometime this week before Sara's birthday. It is just felt hearts glued to ribbon. That, I can manage- and I think the girls would love helping me! This could also me done for any holiday with pumpkins, shamrocks, eggs, candy corns, Christmas trees, etc. So cute! I love it.

Idea from

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mason Jars

My grandma has a fruit orchard. I love this! She keeps me well stocked with jars of canned peaches, pears, pie filling, and other wonderful treasures like that. This year for Christmas she gave me a whole box full of jars of applesauce! I am so excited!! My mom also keeps me well stocked with her AMAZING jams. My favorites are peach and plum raspberry. I love it. I am spoiled, and I love it!

Anyway, This means that I have lots of empty mason jars stored in my basement and my pantry. I usually trade most of these in at canning time for jars full of goodies- but somehow I always end up with more jars than I brought. See- totally spoiled! I love it.

These are some cute ideas of what I could maybe do with some of these empty jars. Simple, functional, beautiful. My favorite!

Yes, I recognize that the following picture is not of mason jars- but I also have some pretty bottles that could be used for this, and I also think it would work well with mason jars if I so desired.

These ideas came from

My Secret Wish

I have always wanted to be crafty. I am not because I have very little creativity. I walk through craft stores and get completely overwhelmed. Everything there looks so cute, so useful, and yet so disjointed. I have no idea how to put it all together to make something beautiful. Sometimes incredibly crafty and creative people take mercy on/advantage of the poor souls like me and make kits and tutuorials to buy. The problem with these is that they expect the buyer to know at least the basics of crafting, and they are very expensive. I am into crafty looks- I am NOT into expensive. I have never had a huge budget to expend on trivial things like craft supplies and decorations, which has served as my main excuse to not get started into projects of any kind. Also- with two active girls, a baby on the way, a husband who likes a little lovin' now and again, a part time job from home, and time-taking church obligations- I find that I have very little spare time to devote to craftiness. The list of excuses can go on and on and on.

Well, this AMAZING world of blogging has taken all of these excuses away from me! I love it and hate it at the same time. There are TONS of incredible blogs out there that show super cute projects that can be done quickly and inexpensively. Most of them don't take much money, and use the kind of supplies I either have in my house, or could very easily obtain. They provide step by step and easily understandable instructions. Basically- they show me how to make my house a more beautiful and endearing place to be without the expenditure of much time, money, or effort.

My motto this year is to Go and Do. I want to use this to motivate myself to battle by idleness and hesitance to do the things that I know can and should be done.

This silly little blog is going to be my space to put all of the cute ideas that I see all over the blogosphere that I want to do in my home some time this year- or just in my life. I hope to compile here the pictures from other blogs that show what I want to do, and maybe my finished products of the ones I actually undertake. I in no way want to take away the credit of those talented women. I can pretty much guarantee that NONE of these ideas will be from my own head. I will try and post where the ideas came from- but I already have some pictures in a little file, and some of them came from places I have completely forgotten about. I will do my best to let you know what the original source of inspiration was.

Essentially this will just be my place to organize all the do-able crafts and ideas that I come across, and to maybe show off what I accomplish in the end.

Maybe it will inspire those few souls who venture along here as well. . .