Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crafts to Try Before Jack Gets Here

These are just some quick ideas I would like to try before little Jack gets here.

I LOVE these embellished onesies, and think they would be fairly easy. I just need to use a sewing machine to do them. I can't remember exactly where I got them- but am pretty sure the images come from

I want some of these nice bean or rice bags for the cramps and incision pain that accompany a C-Section. They are so simple- but again- I need a sewing machine to borrow. This image comes from
I love the flannel blocks in the corner. So cute! So soft. So simple and sweet. I think I will just have to get some fabric and take over my mom's house for a weekend at some point. This is from
This will probably never get done. I have always wanted to make one though, and it just seems so simple. Time consuming- but simple. Just four pretty fabrics cut in squares and serged together with a soft backing. Surely I could handle that. . . This is from

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