Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mason Jars

My grandma has a fruit orchard. I love this! She keeps me well stocked with jars of canned peaches, pears, pie filling, and other wonderful treasures like that. This year for Christmas she gave me a whole box full of jars of applesauce! I am so excited!! My mom also keeps me well stocked with her AMAZING jams. My favorites are peach and plum raspberry. I love it. I am spoiled, and I love it!

Anyway, This means that I have lots of empty mason jars stored in my basement and my pantry. I usually trade most of these in at canning time for jars full of goodies- but somehow I always end up with more jars than I brought. See- totally spoiled! I love it.

These are some cute ideas of what I could maybe do with some of these empty jars. Simple, functional, beautiful. My favorite!

Yes, I recognize that the following picture is not of mason jars- but I also have some pretty bottles that could be used for this, and I also think it would work well with mason jars if I so desired.

These ideas came from

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